Come roll with us

At Hannecard, we are strongly aware of the role and value of each of our employees, and we know that everything we achieve is a reflection of countless individual efforts. With this in mind, we are not just interested in hiring workers, but keen to find motivated people who are passionate about what they do. People who will bring inspiration, creativity and innovation to the workplace. People with not only the right skills, but also the right attitude.

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Why work for Hannecard?

  • We believe that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. And that is why we hold motivation and performance reviews at regular intervals. Thanks to these, every employee is given opportunities to discuss their expectations for the future and their current role in the company.
  • Each year we earmark a considerable portion of our budget to the ongoing development of our employees’ skills. This is a vital part of keeping up with the rapidly changing technical sector.
  • We are deeply committed to safeguarding the welfare of our employees. In particular, this is reflected in our salary policy, our in-house promotion opportunities, the career guidance we provide and our open style of communication.
Come roll with us

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