The Department of Computer Applications has been imparting knowledge with the most modern curriculum and syllabus to students of the post graduate course since 1999. The Department aims to bring Innovation in technology, to go beyond fundamentals with a view to building interest in students with all the new advancements in the field of computers. To provoke that spark of curiosity among the students department also releases the technical newsletter name TechEdge every month. The pivotal objective of TechEdge is to make the readers cognizant about achievements and the breakthroughs in tech-savvy era by covering the latest issues of science and technology in a nutshell. One of the most edifying part of this newsletter is alumni section in which alumni of the department who are working in various esteemed firms share their various experiences in professional world and as well as imparts that how to utilize the technical skills in industry which develops a practical approach in the students. In this way Department of Computer Applications is creating the professionals and nurturing them with values and practical approach so that they are able to maneuver every challenge and convert it into opportunity.